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GROUP CANDIDATES: now interviewing for openings in all three interpersonal groups. Contact Daniel Even at 454 2890

COLLEAGUES: When to Stop Talking Spring 2015 TBA

GROUP MEMBERS: Mindful Membership , December 11, 2014    
DBT Skills Practice and Review planning session, Winter 2015 TBA

Managing Pain While at Work: As part of a major regional research project, Group by Design has been contracted to facilitate groups on managing pain at the workplace. Enrollment is closed to the general public and intakes are limited to the onsite research coordinator. We hope this cooperative endeavor will lead to an expansion of our group offerings in the future.

♦ Mindfulness Training and Skills Coaching
♦ Interpersonal Psychotherapy
♦ Personal and Professional Consultation
♦ Group Therapy
♦ Marital Therapy and Couples Counseling
♦ Workshops and Colloquium Series
Now at One Richmond Square
We moved!

After 19 years at 184 Waterman Street we moved to One Richmond Square just 4 blocks from our old building. Located at the end of Waterman Street just before the Red Bridge (Henderson Bridge) Richmond Square offers ample parking, public transportation, and handicapped accessibility. more
09/08/09 - 09:57am
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