Group Therapy

Now interviewing & preparing new members 

Join a small group of motivated participants to learn and practice new interpersonal skills, increase relational awareness, and deepen meaning through genuine encounter. Work collaboratively with an experienced leader with thousands of hours leading, teaching about, and participating in groups for personal growth. 10-1-21 Please Note: Groups designs are now under revision in the wake of the pandemic. All groups will have a hybrid component allowing for rapid shifts between in person and virtual meetings. More details to follow.

INTERPERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS GROUP: Growth & Awareness  (Closes to new members April 19, 2023  opening)
Leader: Daniel M. Even, MDiv, MSW Alternate Tuesdays 6:40-8:00PM, $48 per session, elective no insurance, coed, ages 30+ — http://Download Description IPTG-E

PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT GROUP: (Closes to new members  April 28, 2023. 2 opening)
Leader: Daniel M. Even, MDiv, MSW Alternate Thursdays, 5:00-7:00PM, $56 session, no insurance, coed, ages 30+ — Download Description Personal & Prof Group 1-1-11