Overview of Workshops & Colloquium Series

Workshops for clients focus on increasing the effectiveness of their therapy either at Group by Design or with other therapists. Offerings include:

When to Stop Talking and Howa lively guide for couples seeking how to disengage  from destructive arguing and re-engage in constructive conflict.

Borderline Moments: DBT Skills for Everyone – applies Linehan’s Mindfulness skills to everyday living for ordinary people.

Mindful Membership– helps existing group members to increase the effectiveness of their group therapy and helps new members prepare for group.

The Colloquium Series for Colleagues Provides a unique seminar venue for therapists, counselors, and educators to pursue continuing education credits. Upcoming  offerings include:

Religion Reconsidered is a forum for exploring what National Public Radio has called the “neglected dimension of diversity”

King, the Last Hours: January 31 will explore the centrality of the concept of Christian sacrifice for King as he anticipated his death. Presenting cautions regarding the potential for misappropriating King, the workshop leader will speak to the relevance of King’s self-identification as a Baptist minister for mitigating our current political and cultural polarization.  Points of historical connection to Thich Nhat Hanh, Jimmy Carter, and Reinhold Niebuhr will add overlooked contextual aspects of King’s identity.  3 ceus pending for cultural diversity.          To Resister: send check made out to Group by Design $57 by 1/20, 67 after, to Group by Design, 1 Richmond Square, Suite 122C, Providence, RI 02906

White Working Class: March 6 , 2020:3 ceus pending for cultural diversity,  further details to be announced

A few of our Previous Events: 

When to Stop Talking and How – this version for therapists combines the couples orientation of John Gottman with Linehan’s DBT Skills to help therapists help couples recognize flooding and disengage constructively.

Justice for  All? – focuses on mass incarceration though the work of Michelle Alexander

“Rehumanizing” the Other and the Self: Reflection on the Election 

On the Drawing Board:

The Happiness Hype: coming in October 2020 this presentation will look at why the “father of positive psychology” regrets his first book title.

Code of Ethics: Mission or Mismatch? – a provocative exploration of the relationship between the clinical and political orientations of psychotherapists.

Consult the News section of our Website for upcoming events.