What is Group by Design, LLP

Providing Confidential Services for Motivated Clients

Group by Design, LLP is a consultation, supervision and psychotherapy service located on the historic East Side of Providence, Rhode Island. While there is a primary emphasis on the group treatment modality, the practice also offers individual and couples counseling. With extensive expertise in group theory, design, and practice, Group by Design offers a wide range of additional consultation, education, and supervision services. Located on the historic East Side of Providence.

Group by Design is research guided.
Checking our methods and techniques against the latest research is central to our approach. Whether it be working with a research team in Boston, consulting with researchers in California, or applying the latest manuals for Interpersonal Therapy, we continue to integrate research validated approaches. For more details visit our links and research pages.

Group by design is relationship driven.

Providing practical coaching and counseling requires that our work be grounded in the current relationships that our clients have or toward which they strive. Use of the research validated Interpersonal Approach insures that the focus will always be on people, not on protocol. We agree with our forward looking research colleagues. They understand that it is the specificity of our methods and the strength of our alliances, not the “purity” of laboratory technique, that brings real help to real people in the real world.

Group by Design is consumer oriented.
Having the opportunity to make informed choices about therapy or consultation services is crucial to establishing an alliance. Whether our “customer” is an individual client, agency or business, the right to access accurate information about who we are and what we do is fundamental. This includes willingness to discuss issues such as theoretical orientation, costs, medical necessity vs. elective therapy, levels of care, insurance benefits, and confidentiality and its limits. We accept no “gag” orders from any insurance or managed care company.

Group by Design is task focused.
While acknowledging the influence of the past and utilizing knowledge of psychosocial theories, our work is grounded in the present. Jointly defining therapeutic or consultative tasks is seen as central to a successful collaboration. We are especially experienced in defining tasks within an interpersonal context, drawing heavily on the interpersonal psychotherapy model.

Group by Design also utilizes consulting psychiatrists and other professionals in cases where further assessment and/or adjunctive pharmacological treatment might benefit the client.