Mindfulness Training & Skills Coaching

We hear a lot about focus and practice when following star athletes, special military forces, first responders, and chess players. That we can learn to be more effective partners, colleagues, managers, employees, even more effective therapists, through Mindfulness Training with an Interpersonal Skills Coach is for many a new and exciting possibility.

At Group by Design Skills Coaching is provided both as a stand alone service and as an adjunct to individual and group psychotherapy. Working from a specific menu of Mindfulness Based Skills, clients learn to stay focused and in “wise mind” as they approach challenging and often stressful interpersonal roles. By clarifying their Value Generated Goals (VGG) they find the motivational power cell to move toward what they want, instead of retreating from what they fear.

Integrating the latest advances of neuroscience with the ancient wisdom of the East, Mindfulness brings us to a more centered state of being where intentionality tempers impulse and compassion eases judgment. From an attention to the Breath client and coach move toward what is effective, toward what is valued.

Jon Kabat-Zinn
                                                     What is Mindfulness?